The Mission...
  • Our mission is to bring people to be saved through the
    Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ, and by spreading the word
    of God.  Do you need help? If you are sad, lonely or
    depressed, if think that you have no where to turn, the
    Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ can help you. Pray "Jesus,
    I trust in You"... Pray The Divine Mercy Chaplet.

The Story...
  • Cecilia's Nguyen father was a victim of the Sherman,
    Texas bus tragedy that claimed the lives of 17 church
    members on their annual pilgrimage to a Vietnamese
    Catholic gathering in Carthage, Missouri.  (click here for

How you can help...
  • Through prayer, and financial contributions to help
    construct and maintain  billboard advertisings like the
    one below. With your help we can continue to spread the
    Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ.
Billboard located #1 on State Highway 249 & W Montgomery Rd in Houston, Texas
(Click here for map)
Billboard located #2 on West Park Tollway & Highway 6 in Houston, Texas
(Click here for map)
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